Condition Survey

With the introduction of ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) and impending phase-out of HFC refrigerants, it is crucial for companies and facilities managers to have a detailed understanding of their building services systems, their condition, maintenance requirements, and operating efficiency. We can carry out detailed condition surveys and if required, energy audits.

Additional services

Fault Finding

It is not uncommon for building services installations to operate outside of their design parameters. We can carry out non-invasive fault finding and advise on any necessary remedial measures, to ultimately improve system efficiencies, and longevity of service.

Specialist Systems Analysis

Heavily serviced systems such as laboratories or industrial processes can often become inefficient and ineffective over time. This can either be born out of aged plant and installations, or as a result of numerous adaptations to systems over a protracted period.

Master Planning

We can offer our design services to support large scale development projects, evaluating utility requirements, liaising with utilities companies, and carrying out renewable feasibility studies to satisfy planning requirements.

We offer extensive project experience and engineering knowledge to our Clients with our service focused on attention to detail and quality of output.